Of Staticity and Change

by Marius W. Arcadio

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kodanarmadillo There's an earnestness in Marius's vocals that's sorely needed in an era of bored and disenchanted bedroom indie. The chord progressions bring to mind Alex G's earlier albums. So excited to see where he goes from here. Give it a go. Favorite track: Leave! Leave the cold behind!.
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Of Staticity and Change è un'esperienza autobiografica che parla del cambiare, del rimanere sempre gli stessi e del cambiare... pur rimanendo sempre gli stessi.

Ma soprattutto, Of Staticity and Change sono un mucchio di canzoni scritte e registrate nella solitudine di una cameretta a cavallo tra il 2016 e il 2017 in momenti di noia, tra una sessione di esame e l'altra.


Of Staticity and Change is an autobiographical experience that talks about changing, staying always the same and changing... even if we stay always the same.

But especially, Of Staticity and Change are a bunch of songs written and recorded in the loneliness of a room straddling 2016 and 2017 in moments of boredom, in between an exam and another.


"Somehow, Somewhere now" video : youtu.be/Mbq2DBsd7mE
New single "Stream of unconsciousness" : youtu.be/ALr-HFSg_c0


released March 27, 2017




Marius W. Arcadio Italy

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Track Name: The Whale
Do you see?
Wherever you look
There's water
This is not
The perfect place for you
But it gets better
Once you close your eyes
You won't see
Ho much bigger than you
This place is, this place is

And then your lungs
Will be soaked wet
And you eyes
Will get bloody red

And with enthusiasm
You will blow
The last gust of breathe
Track Name: It's been a lifetime
I've been away for so long and i'm glad of it
'Cause what i used to call "the common things"
They shine in a different way
Even the sun and the way it fades
At the break of dawn, at the break of dawn

I swear the birds used to sing all day trough
And you used to draw them on your notebook
Now they're flying to the south
Where the wind is warm while we stay here
With our heads down, with our heads down

But I
Can't find a way to say
How much i've missed
This place
How much i've missed
This place

The color of your skin is paler now
I could lose you in a snowdrop field
Your eyes seems to shine
In a sort of way more than they
Ever did before. ever did before

The slightly tired warmness of your breathe
And the way you touch the scar on my knee
Brings me back to the good old times
Where the blood was red and it flowed fast
Into my veins, into my veins

But I
Can't find a way to say
How much i've missed
This place
How much i've missed

It's been a life time since we spoke
I remember the sun was still yellow
Track Name: Somehow, Somewhere now
It's 6 a.m.
And i'm in pain
I had a tough night
Dealing with myself
Trying to figure out

What's going wrong
With my way
Of being alive

I think somehow
Somewhere, now
There's a place
Where i belong to

But i'm trapped here
Stucked in my fear
Track Name: Leave! Leave the cold behind!
Stop to cry my darling
And close your eyes for a second
Let it out, let it out
Let it out, let it out
And just forget what you said
About the love and about the hate
Just leave the cold behind
And let's start a brand new day
Track Name: No longer Anyone
So I returned
To smoke cigarettes
At the window of my room
No matter if it's cold

Oh there's a moon, oh I forgot
How beautiful she is

The glowing ash
Leads my way to sleep
I've been awake for so long
And even if I didn't change a thing

I'll keep saying, at myself
I'm no longer anyone